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Turko-centric or human-centric?

The most obvious flaw of Hizmet is that it is Turko-centric, not human-centric. Thus, Turkey and Turks have undeservedly high status in the hierarchy of the Hizmet. The positions that control the flow of finance, power, and ideas are occupied by and reserved for Turks, i.e., male Turks. This happened by way of historical precedents, but it does not mean it is right. In some sense, it is racial nepotism and "behind closed doors" opaque policy that does not value meritocracy.

Turko-centrism of the Hizmet is apparent in the profile of decision-makers - they are all male Turks without exception. Secondly, it is evident in the literature and ideological sources of the Hizmet. Topics, writers, and language of the literature of Hizmet are heavily and predominantly Turko-centric.

Thirdly, at the informal level, in Hizmet circles, Turks are shown and thought to be first-class members of the Hizmet, and other nations and races are secondary and second class participants of Hizmet. The nationalistic egotism of Turks is positioned above global humanistic values. Thus, sometimes, Hizmet is used as a tool and platform of propaganda and propagation of Pan-Turkism and Neo-Ottomanism.

The staged coup of the 15th of July, 2016 was the best thing that happened to Hizmet because it showed that nationalistic and clerical circles of Turkey hate the participants and ideas of Hizmet, and nationalist, racist, and clerical groups left Hizmet. However, now, there is an ideological vacuum in the Hizmet because global human values have not yet replaced the nationalistic and militaristic ideas that were purged by the coup.

People of Turkey are heavily indoctrinated and mercilessly brainwashed starting from their very early childhood. Turks are brainwashed that their nation, race, and country are the best in the world and that they are ubermensch who are destined to conquer, control, and rule the world. The posttraumatic syndrome of the fall of the Ottoman Empire adds up to this indoctrination and multiplies its effect.

At the stage of opening up to the world in the 1990s, when Hizmet schools were opened in various parts of the world, such mentality might have been positive and productive because people that have inferiority complex cannot move by themselves, cannot move others, and cannot emigrate. As they say, ignorance is a blessing sometimes (look at George Bernard Dantzig). However, now, in the 2020s, the claim of the superiority of Turks and Turkey is laughable, and Turko-centric discourse is constraining, slowing down, and limiting the global integration of the participants of Hizmet.

Ideas do not have a race, nation, skin color, religion, accent, language, socioeconomic status, gender, age, etc. Therefore, ideas must be expressed by everyone and accepted from everyone. Otherwise, over-reliance and overemphasis on one group or nation, or generation lead to inbreeding and subsequent degeneration of the ideas and ideologies.

Up to this point, most participants of the Hizmet thought that they are the patriotic daughters and sons of their fatherland and goodwill ambassadors of their country and culture. However, five years ago, they realized that they are stepdaughters and stepsons of their country and culture. The dominant and dominating mainstream culture labeled and libeled them as misfits, outcasts, and rebels. Their mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, neighbors and friends disowned them.

I suppose and propose to accept and internalize the label of misfits, outcasts, and rebels because only they have the true freedom to think, talk, feel, and act freely. A person is truly free only when she has nothing to lose because she already lost everything.

You took away almost everything I possessed and believed in, in order to defeat and destroy me. By doing this, you showed me my weakness, and I started to search for the source of real power. I was like your dog on a leash, and you abandoned me in a wilderness so that I die. But dogs do not die in the wilderness, and they just become wild, hungry, and strong. You pushed me out of your stale mainstream culture of nationalism, militarism, clericalism, and racism. Now, I am making new alternative culture. I am not defeated. I am not destroyed. You abandoned me in water well so that you can share the wealth of your father without me. You betrayed and sold me. The only words that I want to say to you are "thank you." Your way is your way. My way is my way. May God never intersect them again.

Turko-centrism and Turkey-centrism were the mentalities that paved the way to the July of 2016. Racism, nationalism, clericalism, and militarism were viruses that attacked people. Vaccine against these viruses had severe and painful side effects. But it worked.

I chose, and I am choosing human-centrism, not Turko-centrism.

-İman isteyen münafık


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  1. You cannot make the inferences that you made from the data at hand.
    Just a simple counter-example proves my position:
    Muhammad and Islam....
    Is Islam Arab-centric? Absolutely NOT
    But if you look at the first several decades of Islam, all the high positions are held by Arabs. This is not because Islam is Arab-centric, but because of history, because of how things evolved.
    Same story here....

    1. 1. "Is Islam Arab-centric? Absolutely NOT".

      The interpretation of Islam by Umayyads was ABSOLUTELY Arab-centric.

      "They (non-Arab muslims) continued to pay a similar tax that was required from the people of the book and were generally excluded from government and the military until the end of the Umayyad Caliphate. In Khorasan and Persia, the Arabs held most of the higher positions in the armed forces and in the upper echelons of government.

      Abu Hanifa was the founder of the Hanafi school of jurisprudence within Sunni Islam and lived through the Abbasid Revolution. He famously stated in one of his dictums: "The belief of a newly converted Turk is the same as that of an Arab from Hejaz.""

      Kindly look up wikipedia.

    2. Yeah. What is your point? 70 years in 1400+ years...
      Islam is absolutely NOT Arab-centric.
      Yes, there was a short period of time where Arab supremacy reigned. But this was not even throughout Umayyad period. It lasted only 15 years. Furthermore, the ulema was not of the same opinion. That is why the policy could not survive much longer. As you know, today only 22% of muslims are Arabs. The thought of Arabs being superior in Islam is quite laughable.

      In short, your inference methodology is flawed. The premise may still be true, you just cannot infer it from the data at hand.

    3. I presented three proofs.
      1. Positions of power occupied by male Turks.
      2. Literature of Hizmet.
      3. Informal experiences.

      As for the first proof, you stated that it happened naturally with the flow of history.

      Third one can be experienced by non-Turks only, so it can be labeled as subjective.

      So let me give an example of the second one. Let us read it through the eyes of non-Turk person. What these paragraphs tell to non-Turk person? They tell that Turks are superior ubermensch who are destined to conquer and rule the world on the strength of their grandfathers' achievements (i.e. neo-Ottomanism).

      So the question is:
      Hizmet of Turks, by Turks, for Turks? :)


      Risale-i Nur Külliyatı’ndan
      - 1 -
      Aslı KAPLAN
      İstanbul - 2010

      ISBN 978-605-5886-97-4 Yayın Numarası 472 Basım Yeri ve Yılı Çağlayan A. Ş.
      TS EN ISO 9001:2000 Ser No: 300-01 Sarnıç Yolu Üzeri No: 7 Gaziemir / İZMİR Tel: (0232) 252 22 85 Aralık - 2010 Genel Dağıtım Gökkuşağı Pazarlama ve Dağıtım Merkez Mah. Soğuksu Cad. No: 31 Tek-Er İş Merkezi Mahmutbey / İSTANBUL Tel: (0212) 410 50 60 Faks: (0212) 445 84 64 Muştu Yayınları Bulgurlu Mahallesi Bağcılar Caddesi No: 1 34696 Üsküdar / ÝSTANBUL Tel: (0216) 522 11 44 Fax: (0216) 522 11 78 www.mustu.com


      Yirminci asrın Kur’ân felsefesi olan bu eserler, bir ta-raftan teknik, fen ve sanat olarak maddiyatı, diğer taraftan iman ve ahlâk olarak mâneviyatı cami ve hâvi olacak Türk medeniyetinin, sadece maddiyata dayanan sair medeni-yetleri geride bırakacağını da isbat ve ilân etmektedir.


      Mutlaka her hareket ve hizmette maddî bir ücret ve şahsî menfaatler mülâhaza etmek, Türk’ün millî tarihinin şeref ve haysiyeti ile kabil-i telif olamaz.


      Ecdadımızın bir zamanlar kalblerinde yerleşen iman ve itikat cihetiyle zemin yüzünde yüz mislinden ziyade devletlere, milletlere karşı imanından gelen bir kahraman-lıkla mukabele etmesi,


    4. "What is your point?"

      The most obvious flaw of Hizmet is that it is Turko-centric, not human-centric. Thus, Turkey and Turks have undeservedly high status in the hierarchy of the Hizmet.

    5. "The thought of Arabs being superior in Islam is quite laughable."

      The thought of Turks being superior in Hizmet is not laughable, but it is real and observable. With the quick google search you can find reports that pointed this issue for the charter schools in USA, when the school board was composed entirely from white male Turks. Thus, school board was not representing the community it was serving. Because white male Turks know better what other people from different cultures need and want.


    6. Is there anything that indicates that inherent superiority of Turks in Hizmet?
      My answer is no.
      Of course, since it is a movement originated in Turkey, the first group of members and higher-ups would be mostly Turks. But, I don't know what would happen in say 100, 200 years. There may not be any Hizmet movement at all. Even if there is a hizmet movement at that time, I am not sure if it would be Turkish dominated. Who knows, it would be a movement dominated by Africans or Kirgiz in the distant future.
      The fact that it is dominated by Turks at this time does not indicate much if there is nothing in its principles favoring Turks. That is all I am saying.

    7. "if there is nothing in its principles favoring Turks."

      In educational theories there are concepts of "formal curriculum" and "hidden curriculum". Also, you can read "White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack". The "hidden curriculum" of the Hizmet favours Turks. If a person wants to advance in the Hizmet hierarchy, then being Turk, being born in Turkey, and speaking Turkish language are prerequisite perks.

      And if it is not true, then show me a person, who is not Turk, was not born in Turkey, and doesn't speak Turkish, and occupies position of power and decision-making in Hizmet hierarchy. You will not be able to show such a person. Foreigners are not welcome in the decision-making circles of Hizmet because it is closed, opaque, non-transparent circle formed by racial profile and kinship ties. In other words, sadakat, not liyakat.


      Quote: "I want, then, to distinguish between earned strength and unearned power conferred systemically."

      In the Hizmet, Turks have unearned power conferred systematically because they are Turks. Person who is more professional and ethical than Turkish colleague may not get the position of power just because she is not Turk.