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Who are Pseudomuslims?

Pseudomuslims are people who neither understand the Quran nor attempt and try any steps for understanding. Pseudomuslims never read the meaning of the Quran from the first page to the last page. Pseudomuslims ignore and neglect the Quran, and they do not make the Quran the part of their daily habits.

When you ask a pseudomuslim to write a one-page answer to the question "Who is God?", she cannot write it. Pseudomuslim has no knowledge of the God whom she claims to worship. Thus, she worships nothing.

Pseudomuslim accepts and adopts external rituals of the faith, but she does not know and understand the philosophy, meaning, and purpose that are behind and beyond those rituals. Thus, she is no different from the programmed robot or mindless zombie that makes certain movements at certain times at certain places.

Pseudomuslim has no idea that there are two more books to study besides the Quran: Universe and Human. She hates and despises art, and she ignores and neglects science. Pseudomuslims cannot comprehend that the book of Human explains beauty through art, the book of Universe explains order through science, and the book of the Quran explains purpose through religion and philosophy. Thus, pseudomuslims do not understand and search for beauty, do not think and work to establish the order, and do not seek and find the purpose. Pseudomuslims are brainwashed that they are the followers of the best Book and the last Prophet (PBUH). Ironically, they do not read and understand the Book, and they do not research and study the Prophet. Pseudomuslims are Book-less and Prophet-less. They pay lip service to the tenets of the religion, but they do not put their hearts into it.

I am a pseudomuslim who realized his fakeness. The mainstream Muslim culture is a pseudomuslim culture devoid of beauty, order, purpose, art, science, and religion. Empty rituals, meaningless routines, blind imitation, mindless parroting, lack of questioning, absence of self-criticism, intoxication by political ideologies, enslavement by clerics, imprisonment by politicians, antiquated militarism, outdated nationalism, prevalent racism, deep-rooted sexism, etc. - all these are the parts and properties of the pseudomuslim culture.

Pseudomuslims do not have the daily habits of reading and writing that are explained by the first verses of the Quran (96:3, 96:4). When they see reading, writing, and thinking individuals, they expel and extradite them. Pseudomuslims are not open to change because they have closed minds and rock-hard hearts. Pseudomuslims are the first to blame and shame, and they never forgive and excuse.

Pseudomuslims do not value their own lives and the lives of other people. Pseudomuslims are against Justice, Freedom, Compassion, and Knowledge. Thus, pseudomuslims are against the Quran. They have the time to backbite, slander, libel, and gossip, but they do not have the time to take the pen in their hands and study "their" Book. Pseudomuslims spend countless hours on TV and social media, but they struggle to allocate one hour per week (168 hours) for the study of the meaning of the Quran. Pseudomuslims read the Quran as a parrot that repeats words or text to speech software produces sounds. Thus, they are worse than a bird, and they are less than a piece of electronic hardware.

Pseudomuslims are the hypocrites who are not aware of their hypocrisy. Pseudomuslims are unconscious hypocrites. Pseudomuslims claim to be the followers and representatives of the Quran, which is the greatest treason of the Quran. When pseudomuslim is asked about the meaning, purpose, and function of the Quran, she answers with silence or hateful tirade.

The problem of the Muslim world is not Israel, not the USA, not Europe, not colonialism, etc., but the problem is the pseudomuslim mentality.

The solution and cure of the pseudomuslim mentality are the daily habits of reading and writing mentioned in verses 96:3 and 96:4. Each person, each adult and child, each female and male must write and read daily. Similar to the obligatory five daily prayers, people must write and read every day of their lives, without holidays, without breaks, without exceptions. Otherwise, the number of pseudomuslims is going to rise.

I chose, and I am choosing to be an authentic Muslim, not pseudomuslim.

-İman isteyen münafık


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