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Invasion or integration?

Most current Muslims have nothing to offer to the world. Almost all current Muslims have neither expertise nor experience in art, science, or religion. Most current Muslims are blind to technological revolutions, deaf to social changes, and dumb to ask for help.

The bunch of political Islamists consisting of inert clerics and inept politicians does everything possible to keep Muslim people ignorant and hateful. Clerics and politicians devise and produce virtual and distant enemies so that Muslims do not see their real and close enemies, i.e., clerics and politicians.

Muslim countries offer Muslims nothing or very little in terms of security, safety, food, future, self-actualization, etc., and that is why many Muslims move and immigrate to non- Muslim countries. However, dumb clerics and blind politicians poison the mindsets of immigrant Muslim people. Clerics and politicians frame the “brain drain” not as a failure and fiasco of Muslim countries but as an invasion in the name of God and religion. This “invasion mindset” stops and blocks the integration of Muslims into the host society.

Muslims have to drop the “invasion mindset,” and Muslims have to adopt an “integration mindset. Why? Because “invasion” is an archaism of an agrarian society. Agrarian age ended.

Now, it is the information age. And Muslims must adopt the neologism of “integration.”

Political Islamists’ Holy Grail is invasion and conquest. Political Islamists see their mission as the establishment of the caliphate (Islamic rule) on a global scale. Political Islamists model themselves after the agrarian empires of Umayyad and Abbasid.[i] [ii] Political Islamists are blind to the change in structure, essence, and type of global society. They still think people live in an agrarian society, and they still think that rules, rituals, routines, mind maps, and mindsets of agrarian society are applicable and useful in this age and time. This is the reason for my strong desire to cognitively amputate these artificial and harmful metastases of clerics and politicians from the body of intellectual life of Muslims.

The invasion was the process and property of an agrarian society. Integration is the process and property of information society. Hey, Muslims! Open your eyes, ears, and minds. Look around. Do you see agrarian society, or do you see information society?

Invasion is the art of war. Integration is the art of word. Muslims claim to follow the best word – Quran. So, integration is possible through and by Quran. There are six-thousand-three- hundred-twenty-seven verses in Quran, and an interested and invested person can easily find verses that support and order integration. However, the first step is to read and understand Quran. And current Muslims do not read and do not understand Quran.

The dichotomy of integration and invasion is important in the reevaluation of the relationship between humanity and nature. During the last few centuries, the mindset of conquering, fighting, invading, submitting, subjugating, and subduing nature was dominant. This mindset is evident in literature, technological and industrial practices, and consumer habits.

Therefore, the need for a speedy and rapid change of this mindset is evident in the evidence of the existence and emergence of groups of ecological extremists (eco-terrorism). So, the global ecological mindset must change from “invasion of nature” to “integration into nature.” Integration, not invasion. Ecologistic, not mechanistic. Organic, not mechanic. Conversation with nature, not the conquest of nature.

Quran offers some hints of integration into nature. For example, the prophet Solomon knew animal linguistics.[iii] Animals are advanced and mobile biocomputers with a different range of sensors (visual, auditory, olfactory, tactile, gustatory, magnetic, electric, etc.).[iv] Therefore, the flow of information from and to this biocomputer by the use of animal linguistics may open humanity to new and novel domains of science and technology. For example, water animals and birds can be used to measure the levels of pollution of oceans, rivers, lakes, and air, provided the channels of animal linguistics are discovered.

For example, the prophet Solomon was exchanging information with the bird, and that bird had an opinion (27:24). Making an opinion is the feature of intelligence, and now, scientists want to teach machines intelligence, i.e., artificial intelligence. However, the neuronal networks of animals might be more complex and might have more potential than the electronic circuitry of computers, including quantum computers. Therefore, using the computing power of animal brains and their biological sensors might open the field of biocomputing and bio-robotics widely.

Computers, machines, and robots need a reliable source of power (electricity), and they are fragile to dust, dirt, water, and other types of contamination, and they need costly and expensive infrastructure to make networks (ocean cables, satellites, etc.). Biocomputers (animals), on the other hand, readily and reliably get energy from the environment, and they are antifragile and robust to contamination, and they can be connected into networks by biological means (pheromones, sound, sight, etc.).

The use of animals as computers and robots is a matter of time because animals are advanced and complex biocomputers, and we just have not learned to use them properly and in full capacity. We only use the partial capacity of some domesticated animals.

For example, there is a story of a very fast horse (Buraq) (17:1). Can’t people breed gene-modified horses or camels or other animals that are faster and safer than cars? Cars need fuel, but animals get fuel from the environment. Cars need roads or flat terrain, but animals are all-terrain vehicles. You can leave one hundred cars for one year at someplace, and the next year, you are going to have eighty cars because of corrosion and rust. You can leave one hundred animals for one year, and the next year, you are going to have one-hundred-fifty animals because of breeding. Animals are better than robots unless we learn to make robots that can make new robots (child robots).

For example, Quran tells about the bee that produces honey (medicine) (16:68-69). Can’t we breed new gene-modified bees that produce penicillin and other types of essential medication? Instead of costly pharmaceutical factories that pollute the environment with chemicals, drugs and medication can be produced by modified bees and other insects or animals or plants? We just need to learn to control and modify the inputs and outputs of the process.

Ordinary bee is much more extraordinary, sophisticated, complex, and advanced than any or all pharmaceutical laboratories and plants, and we can learn to use the “bee laboratory.”

For example, Quran tells about trees and their benefits. So, instead of cutting the trees and destroying forests, can’t we “teach and train” trees to grow in the shape and form of dwellings (houses)? If we modify one fruit tree or several fruit trees to grow in the form and shape of rooms and house, then we don’t need refrigerators (fridges) in such house because the walls of the house keep food fresh and tasty.

Is it not possible? I am mad, crazy, and stupid for writing such things? Leonardo da Vinci was also crazy for planning to build a helicopter before Sikorsky? Hero of Alexandria was also mad because he invented the steam engine before James Watt? Hezârfen Ahmed Çelebi was stupid because he tried to fly before Wright Brothers?

Humanity already uses domesticated animals, birds, insects, and plants. What I argue and advise is to use the domesticated flora and fauna more innovatively, efficiently, and effectively so that domesticated flora and fauna becomes as useful or more useful than electromechanical and electrochemical devices. Also, the number, amount, and quantity of domesticated flora and fauna can be increased substantially.

For example, prophet Solomon was talking with insects (ants) (27:18-19). Can’t we find ways to control fireflies and glow worms and breed new species of bioluminescent insects and animals? Next, they can be used as pixels to produce images on screens and lighting systems. In this way, the mining of rare metals such as indium that is used in screens and the catastrophe of “blood diamonds” can be avoided or reduced significantly.[v]

For example, the brains of whales and elephants are very large. Can’t they be used as data servers and data storage devices connected to the network, i.e., Internet? However, this network must be not solely electronic but a bio-chemo-electronic network so that no harm is done to animals. It is like using an empty spare room as a storage room in a very large house.

Some people fear that robots will become smarter than humans. In the same way, some people are afraid that animals will become smarter than humans. If robots and animals are going to become smarter than humans, then it is going to happen, and fear will not prevent it.

The computing, sensing, storing, and networking capacities of flora and fauna are enormous, untapped, and undiscovered. The quantity and quality of energy and information that can be taken from or put into flora and fauna are huge and unknown. However, in order to use these possibilities and options, we have to change our mindsets and mind maps from “invasion” to “integration.”

I chose, and I am choosing integration, not invasion. 2:111 … Say: “Produce your proof if you are truthful!” [vi]

25:30. And the Messenger says: “My Lord! Surely my people have made this Qur’an something worthy of no attention.” [vii] [viii]

-İman isteyen münafık


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