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Scientific Prayer

Oh my God!

You created photons and photosynthesis. You turn photons into glucose, proteins, and fats. You feed and satisfy me.

You illuminate and warm me through nuclear fusion inside the Sun. You give me day and night through the rotation of the Earth. You give me months through the movement of the Moon. You create years and centuries through the flight of the Sun.

You attract through gravity and repel through electromagnetic force. You created atomic nuclei through strong and weak nuclear forces.

You are expanding through dark energy. You squeeze through dark matter. Stars, galaxies, and clusters are candles in Your hands.

You filled the Earth with life through viruses, bacteria, plants, fungi, algae, fish, reptiles, amphibians, and mammals.

You wrote the book of the Universe through the alphabet of the periodic table of elements. You created a life based on carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen. You wrote unique DNA for every living, dead, and unborn being.

You warm the Earth from the outside through light and from the inside through nuclear decay. You move tectonic plates and spew lava from volcanoes.

You created ocean currents and atmospheric cyclones. You raise water vapor, release it with rain, wash mountains with rivers, and fill seas and oceans.

You connect quarks and leptons into atoms, atoms into molecules, molecules into cells, cells into organisms, organisms into families, families into societies, societies into countries, countries into federations, federations into unions.

You gave me eyes, ears, mind, and heart to understand it all. Thank you.

With my birth, a temporary separation from You began. My death is a reunion with You. This temporary separation is necessary to understand my love for You.

Three paths lead to You: the path of beauty, the path of order, the path of meaning. It is art, science, philosophy, and faith. Artists, scientists, and sages – they all come to You.

Oh my God! Give me strength, intelligence, kindness, and friendship. Lead me along the path of those who love You and whom You love.


(Rewrite once, three or seven times. No need to read.)

-İman isteyen münafık


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