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Morning, Evening, After Meal Prayers

Morning prayer

Dear God!

I thank You for this morning. You are the most powerful, the most knowledgeable, the kindest, and the closest One.

I worship only You. I ask for help only from You.

Make me stronger, smarter, kinder, and friendlier. Remove the weakness, stupidity, cruelty, and loneliness from my life.

Teach me to love the death and life equally. The death is a door to You.

I long to meet with You. And with those who love You. And with those whom You love.


Evening prayer

Dear God!

I thank You for this evening. You forgive, amend, and guide me.

Please show me the mistakes I made today. Please help me to amend and not repeat them.

Your forgiveness is wide and deep as an ocean. I drown my mistakes in it. I dissolve myself in the ocean of Your mercy.

Dear God! Please give me the tears. I need them to wash away the shame of weakness, stupidity, cruelty, and loneliness.

Dear God! Please give me the sleep. I want to dream of our reunion. I need a respite from this bitter separation.

Dear God! Give me the morning. In which I pray to You. Which makes me one more step closer to You. I count the days till our meeting.

Weak, stupid, cruel, and lonely people are afraid to meet You. But I love You. And I am longing to meet You.


Prayer after meal

Oh my God! You fed me. I thank you.

You created proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. You fill me with water and air. You saturate the brain and other organs with oxygen through hemoglobin in the blood. You create energy in the mitochondria of cells.

You made me dependent on air, water, and food. So that I know my weakness, stupidity, cruelty, and loneliness. So that I strive for strength, intelligence, kindness, and friendship.

You created me as a weak baby. Then You made me stronger. Then You will turn me into a weak old man/woman. In the end, You will give me eternal youth. I am grateful to You for this.

Oh my God! Feed those who are hungry. Protect those who are defenseless. Warm those who are in the cold. Punish those who are cruel.

Give me/us strength, intelligence, kindness and friendship. Lead me/us along the path of those who love You and whom You love.


(Write once, three or seven times. No need to read.)

-İman isteyen münafık


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