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Neomuslims: Belief or Law?

Belief and trust must come before rules and laws. Meccan chapters of the Quran established belief and trust in people's hearts. Next, the Medinan chapters of the Quran established rules and laws in people's heads.

During the Meccan period, people witnessed a leader who was believable and trusted. He experienced the same hunger and danger that they experienced. He did not hide behind their backs. He did not sell them.

Then, during the Medinan period, it was easy and possible to legislate rules and laws because there was a ten-year foundation of belief and trust of the Meccan period.

Nowadays, Muslims experience a deficit of belief and trust in their political, spiritual, and intellectual leaders. No leader was in a field to experience the same hunger and danger as regular Muslims. No leader of the Muslim world is believable and trusted.

The first task that neomuslims must do is to reestablish belief and trust in and among people. No one should compromise belief and trust, and neomuslims must expel and extrude from the community those who do.

People do not follow rules and obey laws because they do not have belief and lack trust. Belief and trust must be the focus of neomuslims, not rules and laws.

First of all, temporary leaders and terminable rulers of neomuslims must not have closed-door offices. All their transactions must be held in open public spaces. Prophet ruled from a mosque, i.e., open-door, public, and transparent place. People could freely access and assess transactions of the Prophet. No closed-doors meetings. No secret committees. No conspiracies behind the backs of people.

Second, temporary leaders and terminable rulers of neomuslims must sacrifice their privacy for the duration of their office. Any person can access their financial records, social contacts, information about their relatives, friends, classmates, etc. Privacy laws must be suspended for temporary leaders and terminable rulers of neomuslims and their social circle.

Third, temporary leaders and terminable rulers of neomuslims must have "anti-leaders" and "anti-government" that are elected in the same way as leaders and government. The function of "anti-leaders" and "anti-government" is to search, find, expose, and criticize the failures of leaders and government. Thus election must comprise election of both leaders and "anti-leaders".

In conclusion,

(1) open-door, public, and transparent places,

(2) no privacy and absolute transparency rule for leaders, and

(3) election of "anti-leaders" are the three measures to reestablish belief and trust among people.

-İman isteyen münafık


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  1. To be honest, I disagree with some ideas in your articles in general but you really make some genuine connections which truly amaze me. For example connecting the appointment of commanders with elections today. What kind of resources do you read/listen to see such connections between things?

    1. https://www.munferit.net/2021/07/forgotten-ignored-misunderstood-and.html


      I read Said Nursi's Words. Nowadays, people criticize some of his writings (https://kitalararasi.com/2020/01/07/islamsiz-siyaset-neden-gerekli-ahmet-kuru/). However, they criticize his political stance and traditionalist view of the world. People don't criticize the 10th or 25th words. First, they can't understand them. Second, they can't find flaws.

      I think Nursi's contribution to the domains of psychology and logic is undervalued and misunderstood. He provided a lot of hints and methods. But we don't understand them. For example, people tell he was a hardline traditionalist. However, I view him as an innovator and reformer. I am inspired by him to redefine Muslims as Neomuslims.


  2. Bu yorum bir blog yöneticisi tarafından silindi.