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Neomuslim Education

Pseudomuslims do not understand the book they claim to follow. Neomuslims apply steady effort to understand the book they claim to follow.

In the first verses of the Quran, God tells that He/She teaches humans by the pen (96:4). Therefore, writing by hand is crucial for learning.

Writing by hand improves thinking. Actually, thinking is impossible without writing because humans' short-term memory is very small. Writing activates long-term memory. Writing wakes up the hidden powers of the brain.

The tragedy of the Muslim world is that most people do not write. Pseudomuslims mistakenly think that there are only five obligations: testimony, prayer, fasting, alms, and pilgrimage. However, writing and reading also are obligations of Islam.

Think about early Muslims. If they did not write and read the Quran, then there would not be any Quran and Islam. Writing and reading are primary to all other obligations because writing and reading protect and preserve the letter and spirit of the Quran.

Pseudomuslim parents do not teach and model their children the habit of daily writing and reading. That is why pseudomuslims and their children are backward, hateful, and weak.

Neomuslim parents teach and model their children the habit of daily writing and reading. Neomuslim parents and their children read many books on different topics in various languages every day. Neomuslim parents and their children write at least one page every day.

Sometimes writing is freestyle, and other times writing needs structure, i.e., worksheets. Here, I propose this kind of worksheet link. This worksheet divides the long text into four short parts. These four short parts are printed on a sheet of paper, and then, cut into four parts. The first side of the worksheet contains the text. The second side of the worksheet contains lines. The task is to copy the text by hand on the other side of the paper.

This kind of worksheet improves memory, vocabulary, spelling, fine motor skills, and reasoning abilities. It is simple, cheap, available, and adjustable to the needs of people. It can be used as a warm-up activity or exit ticket. This kind of worksheet builds the daily habit of writing.

Writing is equal to thinking. If the person does not write, then the person does not think. Pseudomuslims do not write. Neomuslims write every day.

-İman isteyen münafık


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