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Neomuslim Leaders And The Right Of Regicide

Neomuslim people elect their leaders for the duration of one year without the possibility of reelection [1–3]. Thus, a person occupies a public office for three-hundred-sixty-five days at most. Occupying the public office for more than three-hundred-sixty-five days is illegal. Starting from the three-hundred-sixty-sixth day, neomuslim people must dispose and depose a leader.

A person who usurps a public office for more than three-hundred-sixty-five days is a tyrant.

The fate of a tyrant is a lifetime ban. If a leader does not leave the public office after three-hundred- sixty-five days, then each neomuslim person has a right and duty to ban that usurper. Thus, a tyrant, who wants and plans to concentrate and collect power, must be ready for the lifetime ban on political activities and public service.

What is the difference between South Korea and North Korea? South Koreans banned (killed) their dictator, and North Koreans did not ban (kill) their dictator (Park Chung-hee, 1979) [4].

Neomuslim people must learn from history.

It is good to ban politicians. Neomuslim people must change politicians and diapers frequently – it is called hygiene.

Neomuslim leaders and politicians must fear for their political lives. When leaders are comfortable, they make mistakes. Therefore, leaders must be uncomfortable. Neomuslim leaders and politicians must not have bodyguards, special cars and planes, bunkers, and fortified palaces – it must be illegal. Neomuslim people must be ready for the change of their leaders at any time, and neomuslim people must follow not leaders but the law and ethics.

Banning politicians for life is good because it keeps them honest. Banning politicians for life is necessary because it keeps them on their toes. The most dangerous politician is a person who has an army of bodyguards and lives in a fortified palace. Such cowardly politicians fear their own people.

For neomuslim people, regicide is not a choice or option, but regicide is a necessity, rule, and law [5]. Here, I change the definition of regicide from killing a politician to the lifetime ban of a politician. Thus, regicide is not the killing of a politician, but regicide is ‘a political killing’ through the lifetime ban of a politician. The neomuslim constitution must state that a person, who stays in a public office for more than three hundred sixty-five days, must be banned for lifetime from politics and public offices by anyone and everyone.

You can tell me that the life of each person is sacred, and it is inhumane to ban a person who tries to usurp political, economic, and military power. I answer you that I prefer the ban of one-two-three politicians to the deaths of thousands and millions in the political gambles that those cowards start because of their administrative stupidity and political myopia.

Each neomuslim politician has the chance to be a ruler for three-hundred-sixty-five days. If a politician tries to extend that duration or somehow tries to achieve reelection, then such politician deserves a lifetime ban, and each neomuslim person has the right and duty to ban such a power- hungry leader.

A leader is not a god. Therefore, neomuslim people must be ready to ban their leaders at any time. The answer of the bedouin to Abu Bakr’s plea is proof of this concept. The fates of Umar, Uthman, and Ali are the precedents of regicide. They didn’t have an army of bodyguards and fortified palaces. They tacitly acknowledged the right of the regicide of their people.

For neomuslim people, regicide (i.e., lifetime political ban) is right and duty [6]. The rulers, leaders, and politicians must be elected for the duration of one year without the possibility of reelection. Neomuslim people must ban the rulers who violate the one-year rule.

-İman isteyen münafık


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