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New Six Pillars of Belief

There are six pillars of Islam: monotheism, prophets, books, afterlife, destiny, and angels. Neomuslims must re-think, re-phrase, and re-apply these six pillars as justice, freedom, compassion, knowledge, reading, and writing. The reason for this reformulation is that pseudomuslims dirtied those six pillars by their actions and inactivity. Now, being Muslim means being backward, undeveloped, and unsmart. Thus, for neomuslims, there must be new six pillars of faith. I do not want to be associated with pseudomuslims in any way or form.

Monotheism is the source of freedom. The creed and maxim of monotheism are 'There is no god except The God.' The first part of this sentence is 'There is no god,' and it is the definition of atheism. This means a monotheist passes through the stage of atheism to defy, deny, destroy, and delete all god-like ideas and entities. The monotheist must rebel against all godlike falsities and gain absolute freedom of mind and heart.

Monotheism is a source of justice. Justice is the opposite of egotism. By believing in an abstract and supernatural Being, a monotheist finds her place in a grand scheme of things ranging from galaxies to leptons, and she cures herself of egotism.

Monotheism is a source of compassion. The monotheist understands that people of all races, colors, languages, sexes, ages, nationalities and all animals, plants, and inanimate beings have the same Creator. Thus, the monotheist loses the sense of being alien and enemy, and she gains the sense of sisterhood, brotherhood, and friendship.

Monotheism is a source of knowledge. The monotheist believes that everything and everyone has beauty, order, and purpose. Therefore, she studies the knowledge of everything through the lenses of beauty, order, and purpose.

The monotheist builds and grows her belief through reading and writing because there is no other way. The belief is a result of reading and writing. Reading and writing are the daily expressions and habits of belief. Monotheism is not possible without reading and writing.

The neomuslims must reformulate the traditional six pillars of belief as (1) justice, (2) freedom, (3) compassion, (4) knowledge, (5) reading, (6) writing. The traditional six pillars of belief are valid and valuable, but neomuslims must clothe them in new garments and redefine them in new words of justice, freedom, compassion, knowledge, reading, and writing.

-İman isteyen münafık


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  1. What a strange thing to see religional words in another language like english as a global one. i.e. 'There is no god except The God.' this we know that like kelime-i şahadet and we cant say tanrı instead allah. but when someone say this in engish there is no problem.. all good... why? why we turks arent free to say tanrı but others can say. even we cant say 'tanıklık tümcesi' instead kelime-i şahadet. we really have sericious problems. when thinking in english we could see more unbiased. because of this i read your articles. they are not perfect but have a good aspect go on.