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I don’t want a nation-state

I lost the meaning of nation and state. I don’t want a nation-state. Politicians destroyed the meanings of the words “nation, state, faith, unity, etc.”. Politicians everywhere are a bunch of power-holics who shamelessly use those words as a cover for their dirty actions. Therefore, I don’t want a nation, state, faith, unity, etc., but I want rights, freedoms, equally shared and fair obligations.

I don’t want to die and suffer in some kind of ‘holy war’ between power-hungry politicians and their yes-men. I don’t want to be a toy and marionette in the hands of corrupt lawmakers who make laws that favor the rich and neglect others. I don’t want to be a subject of propaganda torture that flows as a torrid torrent of news from all devices. I don’t want to take sides when I know that all sides are corrupt and rotten.

Nation-states are theoretical constructs that need either external enemies or internal enemies or both. All nation-states have always had, have, and will have enemies. Just read the history. It is always some battle against something or some war against someone. A nation-state is the antithesis of peace. Nation-states require war and bloodshed because they are nation-states’ fuel. Nation-states demand heroes and victims, but I don’t want to be either hero or victim. Nation-states require a flock of sheep and a pack of sheepdogs, but I want to be neither sheep nor dog. I want to be neither a part of the flock nor a part of the pack. I want to be a human, not sheep, not dog, not flock, not pack.

Nation-states are vehicles for corrupt and power-holic politicians to satisfy their inferiority complexes. Nation-states are the temples of idol worship, and politicians dream about being inducted in the pantheon of that temple. I don’t want to idolize and worship any human being.

Therefore, I don’t want nation-states.

Nation-states are the biggest burglars because they take away people’s money through the threat of violence, and they call it taxes. Nation-states are the biggest killers because they have killed, are killing, and will kill such a huge number of people that no single human being is able to kill. Nation-states are the biggest rapists because …; just read the history of wars.

I don’t want nation-states because they limit freedom, constrain rights, kill and burglarize people, monopolize, centralize, and concentrate the unreasonable amount of power, and that is why all groups and factions dream and desire to manipulate nation-state’s decision-making centers.

Most probably, in 20-50 years, there are going to be no nations and states. The ideas of nation and state are relics of the industrial age. The ideas of nation and state are going to die or be put in a coma.

-İman isteyen münafık


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