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The Theology of Illness

For so many years, I have been guiding and trying to touch the hearts of people whose heart is broken. In fact, the basis of all conversations is to evoke a point of view in your interlocutor. A prisoner or a patient or anyone facing problems who manage to look at an issue from a different angle can deal with the problems he is in. Thus, it is important to be able to view everything from a different perspective by rebuilding our vision. 

Design and ones who don’t is their perspective. Everyone knows that H2O is water, but in the eyes of the believers, it is not simply water but also symbolizes mercy. In the eyes of ones who have no faith flower is just a botanical herb, but in the eyes of believers, they believe that it is our brother/sister in creation. So, even the tribulations such as illness, conviction and death are not cruelty or pain, but they are wisdom in our lives. 

In this article, I will look at how the disease looks from a different window. Here it is important to remember that the true loss is not to lose health but to lose guidance. Diseases outside the scope of human will and reminding direction are the best blessings. 

A reminder of the truth of death 

The disease is a blessed teacher who reminds us of death.  There is a saying, “I will be the slave of the one who taught me a letter”.  This is gratefulness of the knowledge. Illness is a great teacher who makes us realize the greatest reality for human. It is not just a simple letter but the most reality for human which is death. 

Recommending patience 

Illness as a teacher, it teaches us patience. Obviously, the relationship between patience and life is like the relationship between the head and the body. Without the head; without patience, the body, life becomes uninhabitable. Patience is the greatest truth that one can learn. A person who doesn't have patience will face the consequences in a most painful way. Life almost ends without patience. Human beings are born pure & innocent, but some commit crime & transgression because of impatience.  

Patience is the most fundamental key in life. Therefore, it is God who created the disease for you to learn about patience in order to be a more mature person. Acceptance of sickness is liking to accepting God's actions after you do your part to heal yourself. 

 Spiritual leader to advise gratefulness 

 If a person concentrates on “What I do have", he will be thankful in life but if he concentrates on “What I don’t have" then he will be depressed.  When a person is sick, he/she reconsiders the value of his possessions. For example, if one's eyes are sick, he/she will understand the value of his/her eyes. The other will recognize the value of the other limbs and at the end comprehends the value of his organs. Maybe a few of his organs are sick, but after the sickness, he may understand how to be thankful for the others. So, the disease is a great spiritual educator that saves you from ungratefulness. 

Prevents the arrogance 

The Final Testament says, “Do not be like the people who forgot Allah and He made them forget themselves.” (Qur’an: 59:21) Man forgets himself because he forgets his weakness. When we pray five times a day and prostrate this reminds us of our weaknesses. Sickness is a way that we praise our Lord in the language of illness. Because, except for those who pray with real understanding, people may not be able to comprehend their weakness.  

Arrogance is the main disease in mankind from the beginning of existence. According to Qur’an, it is the characteristic of Satan. Most of the time man break his limits because of arrogance. Indeed, sickness is a great lesson to make people more humble. 

 Lack of morality of Power 

The most ancient disease in human history is the lack of the morality of power. The oppressor and the oppressed have always been in history from the beginning of time. However, it is fair to treat in fairness although you have power. Many people have understood that they needed to be treated fairer when they get sick. This may be family members, inmates or political leaders. Those who say that this temporary world is not worthy of being a pinwheel have been among those who have lived in pain and anguish.  Sickness is an elixir that shakes people and wakes them up. 

 Gives Compassion 

Indeed, compassion promotes the quality of human and sickness helps to invoke empathy.  Because the psychology of the sickness inflicts the consciousness of “I should be able to help people when I am in good health if people mobilize to help me while I am in need”.  On the other hand, family members who do not speak for years can come together in times of illness and difficulties, and they may feel blessed for being able to speak after many years. 

It is the key to the gate of repentance because it causes people to repent and return to their Lord. Many people find guidance after diseases or disasters. In American prisons, people get guidance and turn to religion because of the calamity that happens to them. It is the same in cases of the disease. Most of the times, calamity is much effective than thousands of verbal advice. The sickness, which is conducive to human guidance and to the Lord, is a very important opportunity when viewed from the perspective of wisdom. 

Reminder of balance 

Sickness calls humanity to the morality of balance. It is because balance is the greatest truth in this life. Sickness is the result of the deterioration of the balance in the body which is caused by all the troubles and trials of human life. The imbalance in human anatomy makes a person sick, and the imbalance in human psychology leads to social collapse. Therefore, there is a life in balance.  Illness makes us think about this fact. Therefore, sickness is a treasure for the people who think. In the tongue of the messenger Muhammad, one minute of reflecting is better than years of praying. 


Many people realize about death, patience, wisdom, thankfulness, the morality of power, compassion, the truth of balance, and even guidance during sickness. So, for those who believe and think deeply, in sickness there is plenty of wisdom and benefits. 

-Bilgin Erdoğan


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  1. It is by means of disasters and sicknesses that life is refined, perfected, strengthened and advanced; that it yields results, attains perfection and fulfills its own purpose. Life led monotonously on the couch of easeand comfort resembles

    Yeknesak istirahat döşeğindeki hayat,

    not so much the pure good that is being, as the pure evil that is non-being; it tends in fact in that direction.

  2. As for the variety of misfortune that is illness, it is not at all a misfortune, as has already been said, but rather a favour from God and a means of purification. There is a tradition which says: “As a tree drops its ripe fruit when shaken, so do sins fall away through the shaking of fever.”

  3. God Most High has made the garment of the body with which He has clothed man a manifestation of His art. He has made man to be a model on which He cuts, trims, alters and changes the garment of the body, thus displaying the manifestation of various of His names. Just as the name of Healer makes it necessary that illness should exist, so too the name of Provider requires that hunger should exist. And so on.

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