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Passion of Possession and Hate

In the Arabic language, the word hate (Nafra) comes from the root of n-f-r and indicates 'escaping'. When animals panic and escape, this action also refers to that word. The word "nafar," means an armed gathering or soldier, it also comes from the same origin because it scares the enemy. The basis of being a soldier of truth brings peace and happiness. On the other hand, the result of being a soldier of ego is hatred and sadness. So, the justification of hate psychology is a passion for possessing.

I witnessed that most hateful people are struggling with sharing because of the extreme sense of ownership. Even in the workplaces, people try to stir things up for their agenda because of their possession of a career.

Some people with racial motives commit hate crimes. The underlying reason for this is, again, the toxic ownership of their country and race. Sometimes murders based on crime of passion resulted from not wanting to share and over-ownership.

But what is the basis of the religious and sectarian conflicts? The reason for such fights is that people act as keepers and masters of the religion they believe in. However, as Islamic scholar Mustafa Islamoğlu announced, a Muslim is not the owner, but the seeker of Islam. If there is a way of managing hate, it is that we always remind ourselves about 'witnessing, not possessing in life.'

Remember the fights in your childhood. It was mostly a result of our passion for possession, and we could not share a thing or two. If a person develops his/her sense of sharing, then he quickly prefers to communicate with others and loving them instead of hating. Because sharing is caring.

I witness that people hate and fight with each other in prison and other places because they do not have any feelings for share. If one can share a simple coffee, they would not attack each other and have big arguments.

The basis of wars and bloody conflicts in the world is the lack of sharing and greed. Today, imperialist powers have the same sense of over-ownership of their systems of immorality.

The prevention of hate crimes is possible with the ability to manage the world within us, which means managing our emotions.

How can one control the sense of hatred in the world within self? Let us not forget that there is no hatred if we have the ethics of sharing. The only way to prevent hate is by internalizing the ethics of sharing in our communities. People who learn to share cannot hate.

Let us remind that some values cannot be touched. For that reason, a sense of hatred is a wisdom of existence, and perhaps this is to balance in order to preserve those values. On the other hand, the sense of hate probably created in order to preserve justice and peace. Because if we do not hate evil, we cannot be able to love righteousness. If you love children, you cannot l abuse them. However, the ultimate purpose is always love and peace.

So, for a peaceful world, let us give up the sense of over-ownership within us and remember that we came to this realm of life to witness, not to possess.

-Bilgin Erdoğan


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