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Kronos Time and Kairos Time

Every human being has some dissatisfaction in their life. For this reason, he goes back to his past in a dream world and becomes regretful of them. One of the most deeply dissatisfied people are the prisoners. The common reason for this worry is that they see prison life as a wasted period. Especially when they receive news of death, their feeling of regret feeds the feeling of dissatisfaction. However, this psychological state I am talking about applies not only to prisoners but to all people.

There were two words for time in ancient Greece. Kronos and Kairos. Kronos is the time on the calendar. Kairos is the time we that feel. Kronos is a type of time that most of us know and accept as a measure. A year does not change because it is 365 days. Kairos is the time that one feels. According to this type of time, sometimes an hour or even a minute feels like a lifetime. I think the fact that the Final Testament says, "...the night of Power is better than a thousand month", reminds us of this fact. (See: Qur’an: Qadr: 97:3)

I often advise the prisoners that if they want to spend time with their families during their visit, they can utilize this into a period worth the lifetime of the "Kairos" principle. Because what is essential is the time, we that feel, the quality that we put into such moments. Sometimes a two-hour tea conversation with a beloved friend can give you the inner energy worth of a lifetime.

Perceiving the concept of time according to the definition of Kairos is more appropriate to the spirit of the mortal life. Because this life is not enough to live for our full satisfaction. Longing, separation, and scandal are the realities of this life. Happiness is not something we can achieve every time. In this life, one should accustom himself to experiencing samples rather than searching for full satisfaction.

It is important to remember that some short partnerships that are more productive and better than long term ones that are inefficient. The good times you spend with people you really like can sometimes equal a lifetime blessing both emotionally and intellectually. Sometimes a two-hour conversation or a few months of getting together can add a lot of value or meaning to human life.

Therefore, it is more appropriate to the nature of this mortal life that human beings make the most out of their time by knowing the value of the present moment rather than going to the past and revealing dissatisfaction.

What makes us uneasy is our unfortunate thoughts of our past and our unwarranted concerns about the future. Let me remind the French proverb: If not now, when?

-Bilgin Erdoğan


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