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Faith Brings Hope

Our responsibilities in this life are not bigger than our problems. Qur’an gives us this perspective when it says, “God does not obligate anyone beyond his capacity...” (Qur’an:2:286). This verse is a life rule that one must constantly remember. Because, although life is full of difficulties, there is always a way out. If we believe that difficulties are not above our capacity, we will not lose our motivation. By overcoming difficulties, we gain strength and maturity.

Hope is the fruit of faith. If one believes in the Divine Power, he will also believe that nothing is impossible for God. This was what Jacob said to his sons: “O my sons, go and search for Joseph and his brother, and do not lose hope in the mercy of God. In fact, only the disbelievers lose hope in God’s mercy.” (Qur’an: 12:87) The story of Joseph in the scriptures should inspire our hope. The function of faith is to give hope. Thus, the scripture says, “... only disbelievers lose hope in God’s mercy."

Victory in this life is can only be achieved with hope. This principle is not only for actual battles but we also need hope in our spiritual battles. Actually, the real victory in this life is spiritual victory. If we can overcome difficulties with the power of faith, indeed this is a great success. Praying is not for us to ask God to do something but rather asking Him for strength and motivation to do something. Therefore, Qur’an is a great book for motivation who reads with thinking.

Qur'an is a Divine Book, which is a revelation for human beings. If we believe this, then it should have a practical message for a believer. For example, in the Qur'an, what is the aspect of the remembrance of our Lord as the Lord of All-Powerful? Why is it that power of infinite power reminds man, a helpless and needy being? If this reminder is not something that God Himself needs, why is the name of al-Qadr, mentioned in the Qur'an seven times? Indeed, God does not have to prove His infinite power to a needy human being, however, this knowledge is necessary for a human being.

The goal of the revelation, which is a reminder, is of course to give self-confidence to its servants. Think of a rich and mighty man. He reminds his friend who loves him and who feels lonely and weak of his own possibilities and capabilities. He reminds his friend not to feel lonely, helpless and weak. Therefore, his friend gains assurance and motivation. Even the Lord of the worlds, like this man, describes his Power in the Scripture, so that the human doesn’t feel alone and hopeless.

Yes, remembering the might of the Lord must strengthen our self-confidence. Nothing is impossible if Allah so wills. Therefore, we are not alone. In the psychology of a prisoner, remembering God's might is the greatest opportunity for those who feel lonely and helpless. If Allah is the Mighty, then I am not alone even in this narrow cell. My Lord is with me in might. Because of His might, I can stand up. I can open and close my eyes. I can breathe. I can afford to eat and drink. I always think and speak with His might.

A prisoner who remembers the power of the Lord continues to live his life in a meaningful way in the hope that one day God will ask of the injustices he has experienced in this world life. In American prisons, there is no small number of people who had received wrong sentences inside. The only option that will relieve the pain of being slandered in life is remembering the Day of Judgment, considering the might of the Lord. God, who has created this universe once, has the power to create another one more time. That way he will have the chance to manage his anger by saying that there will be just accountability in the of Judgement.

A prisoner who remembers his Lord, the Almighty, becomes aware that nothing is impossible for God. Because conditions may change at any moment and unexpected developments may be possible in life. In fact, sometimes the laws are changed and the life-long prisoners can get their freedom with general amnesty.

Thus, if faith is like a mother hope is her child. True faith begets hope.

-Bilgin Erdoğan


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  1. https://archive.org/download/WhyIAmNotAMuslimIbnWarraq/Why%20I%20Am%20Not%20a%20Muslim%20-%20Ibn%20Warraq.pdf

    Greetings Sir.

    Ibn Warraq of "Why I am not a Muslim" claims that Quran is not a divine book. He wrote extensively on this topic.

    What is your take on his claim?


  2. in english translation the is no problem to say/write god but if you are a turk you cant say tanrı to the lah. mazaallah you could open a way to critisism of turk-islam sentesis bullshit. you cant even thing in your brain as 'tanrı' but you cant thing as 'god'. because of that i understand these turkish guys who writes and thinks in english.

    1. Grammarly please. :)

    2. i care english grammar as much as turkish grammar in informal writing. i guess you could understand what i mean. why you dont answer the idea? my point is clear god is ok? but tanrı is banned! i said why?