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Nasiruddin Hodja and Conflict Resolution in a Post-modern World

We should know that the problems, conflicts, turmoil and even fights that we face in this life, stem from overloading our relative ideas, thoughts and feelings with too much meaning of importance.

At this point, it is very important for a person to say that this is my thought and/or feeling but, I may be wrong. It is also how one can remind himself of this; with using an inner voice. This practice is necessary because no one has the right to impose their own relative feelings and claims on someone else.

If something has an innate nature, in other words, if there is a humanitarian side for everyone in that matter, there will be no objectors other than bigoted and tyrants. Because the path of reason, conscience and nature are not relative. According to the final revelation, the Quranic verses call everyone to natural dispositions of immutable human nature.

A term from the Final Testament (Qur’an) “Amr bil Maroof”, in other words, encouraging “maroof” actually means encouraging the common good. If we look at the etymology of the word “maroof“, we will easily find that it is obvious, or the common truth observed of all natural dispositions, known by now.

Another term from the final revelation “Nahi anil munkar” is to prevent common abuse against attitudes and behaviors to human values. The “munkar” is called on to all the things that are not accepted by human nature. There can be no relative feelings about protecting human property, life, or adulterate. The protection of these human rights is called “maroof”, and the prohibition of someone against these human rights is called “munkar”.

Apart from common values, people also have relative thoughts and feelings. Conflicts usually occur in these areas because of the human ego and selfishness. It is at this point that one should know he or she might be mistaken. Because anything that isn’t in human nature or isn’t divine, cannot be absolute or final.

Everyone's condition in growing up, their state of well-being, and their experiences in their past will be different from each other, and in this case, everyone is obligated to improve their ability to live together under this celestial dome despite the colors.

If we like something about our own thoughts and emotions, accepting them and acting within their framework would be okay to do so, only if we don’t stay enemies to the differences of other thoughts.

The differences are not to make enemies for ourselves but to be rivals. Most of the time, being an opponent and being an enemy is confused.

Let us think about the opponents in a boxing event. Even though two of them were feverish at the time, after the competition, these opponents can go out to drink a coffee and chat. Both hug each other in embracement and then stand by each other in difficult times, too.

Enmity wants the destruction of what is different from one another. Enmity is, as in the words of final revelation, only to the enemy, and to the oppressors.

Let me conclude with a joke from Nasraddin Hodja.

When Hodja was working as a judge, a belligerent man came and told him about an incident that had happened to him. On his way he asked:

"Am I not right, Hodja?"

"You're right," said Hodja.

A little later came the other side of the fight. He told the same incident according to his own interpretation. Then he asked:

"Am I not right, Hodja?"

"You're right," said Hodja.

After the man left, Hodja’s wife called from inside:

- "Hodja, you said you were right to both of them, one of the two brawlers must be the unfair one, right?"

Then he said;

"You're also right, O my beloved wife." again.

Yes, as we will understand from the joke, we should be able to say to our interlocutors that you are right from your own perspective and I believe my perspective might be right too. However, this is the case except for common values.

-Bilgin Erdoğan


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