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Leave No One Behind

Berlin. May.

Every evening, back on my way from the coworking space to my home, as I am trespassing the Tempelhofer Park, I see these words on the roof of the building in my perspective;





These four lousy, unworthy sounding words, stylistically written on the roof that one barely can see.

Probably the majority of people enjoying the park does not even notice them...

Attentive eyes could see the same words written in different parts of the city, here and there, once on a sticker, or as a graffiti in one of the subway stations.

This is a motto, which used by different organisations, political activists and even political actors is for sure an "easier said than done one." 

Yet, it is still different. Same same, but different.

What makes it different for me from all the other slogans, is... Hard to define-

It has its universal 'flavour', universal characteristic... 

It is at the same time alarming. 

It reminds us, of something, that is happening. Or going to happen. 

It reminds us that some of us were not fast enough. Or will not be.

That these not so fast stayed behind. Or will be staying.

And more importantly, it reminds us that there was/is 'Us'. 

That it was/is Our duty to take care of Us. 

That We had to keep an eye on each one of Us. 

Also, probably that We did not keep that oath before.

That is why We need such a reminder. We need such a reminder even in the imperative form.

This Us, does not have any 'yes, but', does not have any 'only ifs', any conditional conjunctions, any restrictions. 

Does not leave any backdoor open to come up with excuses, exemptions, exceptions...

It is short. 

It is sharp. 

As sharp as the pandemic around the world. 

As universalistic as the virus itself.  

Does not have any 'rounded' corners. 

Reminding Us, that there is We. We, Humans, as species. Whether We like it or not. Whether We want to dissect Us to sects, religions, nations, genders, ages, socioeconomic strata or not.


'If', I think to myself,

'There is a Creator', 

and this 'Creator would give; 

One piece of advice...

One sentence of "command"...

Or write one line of "code"...

To its "Creation", 

And that at the very end...

This "Creation" would be tested against this given imperative...',

Then I would argue, this 'Creator's line' would be these four simple words;

'Leave no one behind.'


-Mehmet Dadal Ercan


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