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Concentrate on Your Upper Identity

The most prominent occupations of people in this life are their jobs. Therefore, it is not possible for anyone who does not like his job to be happy. This unhappiness is reflected not only in themselves but also in their environment as negative energy. Therefore, one should love his work. Otherwise, his life will go to hell.

People have upper identities and sub-identities in life. Often, the weakness of the upper identity causes people to concentrate on their sub-identities. However, what is essential is the upper identity. When we cannot establish this hierarchy, our lives will be upside down.  For example, a person who gives more importance to his career than his family, family will be in danger. Because being a parent is more important than any business.

For a faithful person, what is the highest identity of a person in this life? If we look at the scripture, the answer is “to be God's servant,” says all belief systems. Therefore, even if one cannot do the profession he desires to do, he can be happy if he is the faithful servant of God. This example looks like this: A mother cannot do what she wants because of her child's condition. She cannot do her profession, but she can be a happy person as a housewife. Because her motherhood is a higher identity than her profession.

Many people are unhappy that they cannot do the job they want or cannot be in the position they want. The solution to this problem is that people must first concentrate on their top identity. Qur’an says the primary purpose of your creation is to be a servant of God. (Qur’an: 51:56) So do not care too much about what you do if you are a faithful servant of God. You will be asked whether you are a servant of God, but not your profession. You will love the work you have done to the extent that you have strengthened your identity.

On the other hand, people's profession in this life is in proportion to their abilities. God-given abilities are a divine blessing. Because if you have an ability in your profession, you can do it and the core of that ability is a Divine blessing. The artist cannot achieve that profession without talent. If we look from a holistic perspective, society needs every single individual. Therefore, each of us fits a gap. So, if I think of my top identity, I am fulfilling my responsibility in this society. That is why it does not matter what job I do; it matters how I do it. This should make me happy if I am just and honest. Because my upper identity is to be a servant of God.

Consider the intelligence service people. For them, serving the state is their top identity. Sometimes they even do simple tasks for the sake of their upper identity. They go wherever the state sends them. They may be diplomats at the embassy or work as a mineworker. None of the tasks irritates them. Because whatever they do, they do for the state. Thus, if you believe you are the servant of God, none of the jobs in this life should be the most significant concern for you. 

If it is the case, then say: I don’t have a mission in this life other than what God gave me. It is not vital what job I am doing, but it is important how I am doing.

-Bilgin Erdoğan


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